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Abraham Lincoln High School joins the fight. Go Mustangs!

by Neal O'Farrell on September 23rd, 2010

Had a great day yesterday at Abraham Lincoln High School, in the Sunset district. We spoke in front of two very attentive classes of juniors, and I’m pretty sure we just met our very first team of Junior Counselors.

We hope these students will be great messengers and mentors, sharing the ID theft prevention and online safety messages with family and fellow students. And maybe even pick up a few good habits for themselves along the way.

Then we were called in front of the Principal, Mr. Payne (I managed to get rid of my gum without him seeing) and it took only a few seconds for him to agree that the entire school of 2,600 students (and maybe even teachers, staff, and parents) should participate in the Identity Theft Council.

Great news, great school, and thank you to Ms. Gregor for setting it up. Go Mustangs!