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Are “Shred Events” really worth it?

by Neal O'Farrell on September 30th, 2010

You’ve probably seen one or many of those ads in your local newspaper over the last few years – a local credit union or bank, maybe in partnership with your local Better Business Bureau, plans to hold a free event in a local parking lot where residents and businesses can have their sensitive documents shredded free of charge.

They sound like a good idea – anything free does – but they can sometimes be viewed as nothing more than an advertising opportunity for the organizers and local shredding companies. So are they worth it?

I firmly believe they are. So what if they help promote a few local businesses? Why not improve your security, protect your identity, and help the local economy, all at the same time?

There are other reasons why you should consider participating in one of these events:

• Shredding is always a good idea, because it removes from your home sensitive documentation that a thief could abuse.

• Many users don’t get around to shredding simply because they have too many documents to shred, and a personal shredder is just too time consuming, Shredding events usually shred whole boxes of information free of charge, and charge small fees for larger piles of paper.

• Shredding events are a great community effort to remind people about identity theft, the need to shred, and the importance of working together.

• In many shred events, you’ll be able to sit behind a security screen and actually watch your information being shredded, so you can be sure the job is being done right.

So the next time you see a shred event advertised on your neighborhood, use it as a reminder to gather those piles of documents sitting around your home, sort them, and finally dispose of them.

A Town That Shreds Together …

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