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A wonderful start to the day…

by Neal O'Farrell on October 27th, 2010

We have reached the end of the Opening Ceremonies with words of truth and (yes) encouragement for Inspector Anne Madrid of the Hayward Police Department. One of the words that we have heard over and over again is “passion” concerning the Identity Theft Council. This passion, whether it is the enthusiasm that Neal O’Farrell is putting into this effort or the drive and determination of the volunteers and the young adults who are here today that are dedication their time and attention to protecting themselves and others, is what gives the Identity Theft Council its focus and its direction. There is a sense of optimism and possibility in the air, and an excitement of what “could be” with the Identity Theft Council. This is an incredible initiative that could serve as turning the statistics of Identity theft around, and this morning’s opening ceremonies have been a wonderful kickoff for the ITC.

We are currently breaking, setting up for the afternoon’s panel discussion with security experts and victims of identity theft. Please join us for the afternoon’s discussion, starting around noon today.