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Cybercrime continues to tick up

by Neal O'Farrell on November 19th, 2010

Anyone hoping for a quick end to the escalation in cyber attacks, phishing, spamming, Trojans and all their nefarious cousins is going to be a little disappointed, at least according to the latest analysis of the world of cybercrime.

Let’s start with a simple premise. Cybercrime is a global and profitable industry. And as long as it remains profitable, the industry will only mature, become more professional, more profitable, and even harder to root out.

And if you were in any way under the impression that this is a war we’re winning, security firm Websense just released its 2010 threat report that might disabuse you of any notions of comfort and peace of mind.

According to their report:

• The number of malicious websites more than doubled from 2009 to 2010.

• Nearly 80% of websites with malicious code were not criminal web sites but legitimate sites that had been compromised.

• More than half of all data-stealing attacks were conducted over the Web.

• 34% of malicious web attacks included code specifically designed to steal data.

• Nearly 90% of all unwanted emails in circulation during this period contained links to spam sites and/or malicious websites.

• The United States and China continued to be the top two countries not only hosting crimeware but also receiving stolen data during 2010.

• Searching for “breaking news” stories represented a higher risk than even searching for objectionable content.

• 23% of real-time search results on entertainment stories lead to a malicious link

• 40% of all Facebook status updates include links and 10% of those links are either spam or malicious.

Read more on this topic on the ID Guardian blog.

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