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1% of identity thefts investigated – on a good day

by Neal O'Farrell on March 2nd, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered how many identity theft cases are actually investigated, here’s a sobering example. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department recently admitted that before planned cuts are implemented, it currently only investigates 1% of the 300 identity theft cases it receives every month.

And Sacramento is not alone. Even in the boom times, across the country few identity theft cases were ever investigated. Law enforcement were often faced with cases that were either too small to pursue, or too complex and far reaching for their department to effectively investigate.

As the recession took hold and budgets shrank, law enforcement had to focus ever harder on policing priorities, and identity theft is rarely one of them. That often leaves victim feeling “re-victimized” when their report to their local police department gets no attention or results.

Don’t expect things to change any time soon. Or ever. Identity thieves are well aware that that chances of being caught or prosecuted are slim, which is a great encouragement to keep doing what they’re doing.

Our hope at the Identity Theft Council is to let victims know that their predicament is taken seriously and experts are here to help. And we can also help law enforcement by giving them one more tool to ease the burden and deflect some of the criticism.

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