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Battling ‘Breach Fatigue’ – Tips to Keep Employees and Customers Engaged in Cyber Fight

by Neal O'Farrell on May 10th, 2011

How much is too much? At what point do people simply tune out news and warnings of data breaches?

Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen a slew of online attacks and successful hacks against:

* RSA’s SecurID multifactor authentication products;
* e-mail marketer Epsilon;
* Gaming giant Sony;
* Online password protector LastPass;
* And numerous U.S. commercial bank accounts hit by the wave of wire fraud incidents originating in China.

In the wake of all this breach news, some industry experts fear that consumers and employees alike will start exhibiting signs of “breach fatigue” and treat such incidents apathetically – especially if they believe there’s nothing they can do to prevent future breaches.

“The thing about fatigue is, it’s contagious,” says Neal O’Farrell, founder of the Identity Theft Council, a national grassroots network that provides support for victims of identity theft. “I don’t think there’s any easy answer. There are so many breaches; it’s just so easy for one breach to disappear in the cloud when a new one emerges. And I think companies are kind of viewing it the same way.” Read more.

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