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Follow up on our identity theft case

by Neal O'Farrell on October 25th, 2011

Yesterday I blogged about how we were helping a small business take down a clone of its company that thieves were using to commit identity theft and other frauds.

The thieves had registered the .net version of the company’s web address instead of .com, and we managed to get the domain register to block that domain in a matter of hours.

I figured that the crooks wouldn’t give up that easily and I was right. Today they popped up again, registering a new domain with the same registrar but this time hyphenating it as

Such an easy thing for them to do but almost impossible for the victim company to stop because they simply can’t register and police every single version of their domain name.

The registrar is Tucows and they have been fantastic at responding and helping us take down the bad guys. But it looks like the bad guys have done extensive research on the victim company and are not going to release their grip too easily.

We’ll see where they pop up next but it’s a warning to every small business to be very vigilant about this kind of attack – very easy to commit, very hard to stop.

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